Managing successful B2B research on highly specialised products

Using qualitative research in B2B is a growing niche for the global qualitative community. However it also has it’s unique challenges including a usually harder to reach audience, highly specialised users and highly sophisticated or specialised equipment. It’s easy to see why researchers can be intimidated by B2B briefs. Steven Fuller (InforMedix) and Pooja Mayee (Medtronic) will share their success stories and strategies at the upcoming Qual360 APAC conference.

“When we conduct market research covering advanced technology, it seems that the requirements and methods are different from those applied to more familiar product areas. “Successful qualitative research on advanced technology products is really a slightly different endeavour,” states Steven Fuller, President, InforMedix Marketing Research.

“At Medtronic, our entire product line is based on advanced technology, directed at a highly-educated professional market, with product needs that are sometimes difficult to address with conventional market research approaches,” says Pooja Mayee, Global Product Manager, Wound Closure Portfolio, Medtronic.

The success factors outlined in Steven and Pooja’s presentation include best practices for budgeting, recruitment, moderation as well as overall project management. A challenge often faced for example is to find enough users of a highly specialised product who have enough experience and are willing to take part in research. This is just one area where client and agency must work together hand in hand to ensure success.

She goes on to explain, “Our market research methods have evolved over the years, and I would like to share what we have learned with others who face similar research challenges. If you are ever faced with qualitative research requirements, which are challenging due to the fact that the products are not used by everyday consumers, and therefore not familiar to the people conducting your investigation, you may benefit from what we have learned about handling research on these complex product areas.”

“If researchers recognize that best practices for handling research on advanced technology differ from procedures used for other products, they will be able to design and conduct more effective research when these needs arise,” adds co-presenter Steven.

So here you go! This concludes the third sneak peak of our upcoming Qual360 APAC conference on October 11-12 in Singapore. Steven and Pooja will be joined by client speakers from P&G, Mondelez, Intel, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Fonterra, Facebook, Lenovo, IFF, Citi, Kellogg’s, Ericsson, BBC, Givaudan, L’Oreal who will share their latest case studies and best practices.

See you at Qual360 APAC!

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