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Triggering impulse by disrupting the shopper journey at Mondelez

Disrupting the shopper journey: Mondelez’ Global Head of Shopper Insights & Analytics, Cristina Marinucci, will present her research about disrupting the shopper journey at the upcoming MRMW North America conference. We asked Cristina to share her motivations for presenting this research and her overall thoughts on the state of the market research industry ahead of the event.

MRMW: Cristina, we are delighted to have you as our speaker at MRMW NA 2023. Without giving too much away, what is the core message of your talk and what would you like our delegates to remember?
Cristina Marinucci talks about disrupting the shopper journey
Cristina Marinucci, Mondelez

Cristina: We have seen seismic shifts in shopping behaviour over the last few years that have created a lasting impact and likely forever changed shopping. Digital Commerce has expanded the touchpoints that influence the ultimate purchase – as such, we need to better understand the rewards and challenges of keeping up with todays “always on” consumer​​ and which activations are the most influential, where in the journey they are occurring and how to disrupt and meaningfully engage the shopper.

As most purchases online for snacking are unplanned, we need to find similar opportunities online, as we have in the physical world, to disrupt the shopper, connect with them in a more sensory way and remind them of those snacking occasions to build the basket.

In this session, I will define “Impulse”, share our learnings on key touchpoints along the shopper journey where impulse can happen and how to adapt messages accordingly. I will also highlight our iterative, virtual learning journey where we leveraged a new methodology that allowed us to test across multiple markets, retailers, categories and activation platforms. Lots of best-in-class tactics and inspiration as well!!

MRMW: What motivates you to join MRMW NA 2023 and what are your expectations?

Cristina: I’m excited to learn from a diverse group of leaders in the industry on cutting edge methodologies, technologies, and approaches to build new shopper capabilities for Mondelez Globally. I hope to get some validation on common challenges and suggestions on how to overcome in relation to building connected data sets and accelerating a digital-first culture. I’m excited to be inspired – learn from others what the trends, disruptions and future developments are that we need to be aware of and start planning for. Specifically, I’m hoping to learn more about AI and ML applications in similar consumer good companies.

MRMW: How do you envision the future of market research and insights, and where do you see the industry heading?

Cristina: The industry is becoming more and more holistic. The silos and functional areas of expertise between shopper journey, shopper, and consumer, data and insights, online and offline, qual and quant, etc are blending more and more. It is imperative that we are staying competitive and able to be consultants to the business across all these disciplines and provide one connected POV back to our organizations and stakeholders.

The future is also digital and rooted in Web3 technologies. We need to stay curious and safeguard resources (both people and money) to test and learn in this space and continue to adapt our methodologies and strategies accordingly.

MRMW: What in your opinion is one true and one very false stereotype about the industry?

Cristina: False: One false stereotype about the industry is that it is becoming obsolete or will become obsolete with the proliferation of DIY/SAS research platforms and AI/ML technologies. While these emerging technologies will certainly advance the industry and allow us to free up resources and be more efficient and agile in many ways when it comes to more tactical activities like data-mining, harmonization, etc , they will never replace the need for human intervention for synthesis and strategic activations.

True: Data fluency and data strategy are here to stay. Data will continue to multiply and the need to make sense of that data and leverage as a competitive advantage is fundamental to our industry. Data is engrained in all our roles – no matter where we sit in the organization or what our title says.

MRMW: Apart from your work around the shopper journey, what should delegates talk to you about at MRMW?

Cristina: Being in global and an avid traveller, I would love some recommendations on best, exotic spots to vacation. I’m also newly engaged and planning a destination wedding – so currently gathering suggestions for a tropical wedding location!

And I can always chat about being a busy, career mom of 3 girls  : )

MRMW: Cristina, thank you very much. We look forward to having you at MRMW NA 2023!

To join Cristina and speakers from Pepsi, Microsoft, Coke, Delta, Dropbox, Visa, Nascar, Warner Bros and many more, book your ticket at na.mrmw.net. MRMW 2023 takes place on June 28&29 in Atlanta!

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