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Foresight, Strategic Intelligence and Chess – In Conversation With Lufthansa’s Ivan Terekhov

Foresight, Strategic Intelligence and Chess – A Conversation with Ivan Terekhov, Director for Research and Intelligence at Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Ivan Terekhov is leading the Lufthansa Innovation Hub as their Director for Research and Intelligence. His pivotal role involves shaping the landscape of market intelligence with a particular focus on the sectors of advanced technologies, sustainability, and the transformative impact of AI. We are very pleased to have Ivan as one of our expert presenters at MRMW Europe 2024 and have caught up with him prior to the conference.

MRMW: We are happy to have you with us, Ivan! Without giving too much away – what is the core message of your talk at MRMW EU and what would you like delegates to remember?

Ivan: Thank you! I’m thrilled to be a part of MRMW EU and to have the opportunity to share insights that have shaped our work at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub. My talk will focus on the vital role of strategic intelligence and market

Portrait Ivan Terekhov
Ivan Terekhov, Director Research & Intelligence, Lufthansa Innovation Hub

foresight in shaping business strategies. This isn’t just theoretical—it’s about real-world applications that drive the future of industries and markets.

At the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, we leverage a dynamic capabilities approach, blending strategic intelligence with the development of new business ventures and transformative strategies. This methodology ensures that we are not only anticipating market trends but actively participating in shaping them.

As I introduce myself to this community, I want to emphasize our commitment to delivering actionable insights and a deep understanding of the market to guide significant business decisions. I hope to inspire delegates to appreciate the importance of staying engaged and proactive within innovation sectors. While consensus is not always necessary, fostering an open environment for dialogue and embracing diverse perspectives are crucial. This approach doesn’t just help us meet today’s customer needs; it enables us to anticipate and create future opportunities, thereby building a better future for all stakeholders involved.

MRMW: How has this impacted your own work and your organisation? 

Ivan: The focus on strategic intelligence and market foresight at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub has profoundly impacted both my professional journey and the broader organizational strategy. By embracing a dynamic capabilities approach in Innovation Hub, we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of the travel and mobility sectors, not just responding to changes but actively shaping them.

In my role, this focus has allowed me to lead and collaborate on initiatives that integrate deep market insights with innovative business models. This is evident from our company’s ventures, which directly reflect our commitment to innovative mobility solutions. These initiatives began as strategic insights, which we transformed into business opportunities that address specific market needs and challenges.

This strategic focus has fostered a culture of proactive adaptation and innovation for the organization. It’s not just about identifying trends but also about being prepared to pivot our strategies in response to these insights. For instance, our investment thesis, ‘The Great Inversion’, emphasizes shifting from an industry-focused to a customer-demand-driven approach. This paradigm shift has been instrumental in guiding our development of new products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Overall, strategic intelligence and market foresight have not only enhanced our competitiveness but have also ensured that we maintain a leadership role in the industry by staying ahead of both challenges and opportunities. This approach has turned the Lufthansa Innovation Hub into a key player in driving the digital transformation and sustainability agenda within the Lufthansa Group and beyond.

MRMW: MRMW EU focuses on new tools, methods and technologies. What do you hope to crowdsource more info on in your conversations? 

Ivan: At MRMW EU, I am particularly keen to engage in discussions that could further our understanding of emergent technologies and innovative methodologies that could be applied within the travel and mobility sectors. One area I am Ivan Terekhov talks about Foresight, Strategic Intelligence and Chessespecially interested in is the advancement of data analytics and AI capabilities to enhance predictive market insights. This ties directly into our ongoing efforts at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub to harness cutting-edge technologies to anticipate customer needs and market shifts more accurately.

Additionally, I am interested in learning about how other organizations approach the monetization of insights. Understanding different business models and strategies that effectively turn data-driven insights into profitable products or services can offer valuable lessons.

MRMW: How do you envision the future of market research and insights, and who is driving industry growth?

Ivan: The future of market research and insights is heavily leaning towards the integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and real-time data processing. These tools are refining the way insights are generated and utilized, enabling a transformation from static data collection to dynamic, actionable intelligence that facilitates real-time strategic decision-making.

Moreover, the future is also about creating more interconnected platforms where data and insights are not just gathered but shared and enriched across various stakeholders. This collaborative approach is becoming a staple in strategic operations, allowing for a more holistic view of market dynamics.

Our intelligence-as-a-service platform exemplifies this trend by systematically linking data for improved strategic analysis. The broader industry will move towards widespread adoption of similar technologies to support continuous innovation and strategic clarity. This way of generating and applying insights will become the standard. It’s driven by a collective shift towards digital transformation in strategic intelligence.

MRMW: The market research and insights community is a passionate one and generates a lot of dynamic and engaging reflections and resources for itself, especially off the clock. Any favourite peer podcasts, zines, newsletters, blogs, vlogs or initiatives you´d like to recommend? 

Ivan: Certainly! If you’re deeply engaged in the rapidly evolving fields of technology and mobility, I highly recommend tuning into the “Hard Fork” podcast by The New York Times. It provides a thorough exploration of how emerging technologies are reshaping our world, making it essential listening for anyone interested in the nexus of tech, policy, and tech business dynamics.

Additionally, for a more focused lens on the mobility and travel industries, our TNMT Newsletter is a standout resource. This newsletter is a product of our Strategic Intelligence team at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub and is crafted with precision to bring you the latest insights and trends in travel and mobility. Each edition is rich in data-driven analysis and expert opinions, providing a comprehensive view of the sector’s landscape and future direction.

MRMW: Outside of work, what should delegates talk to you about at MRMW Europe?

Ivan: At MRMW Europe, I would enjoy discussing the transition from academia to the business environment. Having spent seven years in academia before moving into the business world, I have gathered unique insights into how these two spheres contrast and complement each other, especially in terms of decision-making processes, pace, and practical applications of research.

Additionally, I’ve recently taken up chess, which has been a fascinating journey into strategic thinking and planning. If you’re a fellow chess enthusiast, I’d love to exchange thoughts on game strategies or memorable matches.

I’m also a parent, so discussing the balancing act between family life and professional responsibilities would be a relatable and enjoyable topic.

MRMW: Thank you very much Ivan – we look forward to hearing more from you at MRMW Europe this October.

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