Speaker Interview Questions – Insight Extravaganza 2023

VISA’s Director of Global Insights, Michael Nevski shares influential motives ahead of Insight Extravaganza 2023

Michael Nevski joins the Insight Extravaganza speaker panel ahead our research conference, July 12-13 2023.

At Merlien Institute we are delighted to announce our 2023 Insight Extravaganza conference, an unrivaled and truly unique research conference drawing on our 15+ years of industry expertise. In preparation for the event, we took the opportunity to speak with Michael Nevski, Director of Global Insights, at VISA about his upcoming presentation.

Insight Extravaganza: Without giving too much away – what is the core message of your talk and what would you like delegates to remember?

Michael: Presently, many industry experts talk about AI and its role in research. However, I think there is an opportunity to use primary, secondary and third-party data to generate actionable foresight insights, gain better understanding of customer interactions with products and brands, and map out purchase journeys. 

Insight Extravaganza: What motivates you to join the Insight Extravaganza conference, and what are your expectations?

Michael: I’m very excited to meet other insights professionals, learn from their experiences and exchange ideas about the current state of our industry and future developments, and gain inspiration about future direction. Especially, when we represent a very diverse group of industries and verticals, we create a unique knowledge bank one cannot assemble by staying attached to one industry.   

Insight Extravaganza: How do you envision the future of market research and insights, and where do you see the industry heading?
VISA's Director of Global Insights, Michael Nevski
VISA’s Director of Global Insights, Michael Nevski

Michael: As pandemic and now inflation and very tight economic conditions putting more stress on market research being a very strategic and actionable component for the future business success, our industry needs to become nimbler and more efficient by delivering real time insights and recommendations for businesses to navigate uncharted waters and deliver consumer’s memorable experiences. I think AI is going to play a very prominent role in 2 to 3 years’ time. However, it would take full 360 by using all research components including qual, quant, 3rd party, syndicated data, panels, communities etc. to meet enterprises’ need for deeper and cohesive understanding of their customers as well as meeting privacy policies and governmental regulations.

Insight Extravaganza: What in your opinion is one very true and one very false stereotype of the industry?

Michael: The very true stereotype is that we’re data nerds when it comes to understanding consumer and client behaviour. Whether you conduct quantitative survey study, in depth interviewing or observe somebody how they interact with products in natural settings the focus is on understanding patterns and connecting dots to tell the story behind those numbers. 

A lot of people think about our industry and profession as pure survey experts who ask a lot of questions. When in reality, it takes much more to be a well-rounded expert. As we discussed earlier, you need to be an expert in many aspects of research including methodologies and techniques combining a vast range of types of research and its applicability. 

Insight Extravaganza: What is the best advice that you have received on your journey in this industry? 

Michael: Focus on storytelling. Data, numbers, trends mean nothing till you put it in perspective and provide actionable implications. Many insights professionals focus on data and methodology first when there is an opportunity for us to be more strategic with our business partners by telling them actionable stories about consumers and clients which lead to successful and memorable experiences and results.

Insight Extravaganza: Apart from work, what should delegates talk to you about at Insight Extravaganza – do you have any particular personal interests, hobbies or extracurricular activities and engagements?

Michael: Talk to me about skiing. As I split my time between my home in Colorado and work in California, I love to be out on the slopes during the winter season. It provides a great opportunity to be outdoors, enjoy magnificent high-country nature, and be active. What a great way to recharge my batteries to be ready for a new day and new challenges. 

Learn more about this study at the virtual event on 12-13 July. Discounted Early Bird Tickets will be available until March 31st: INSIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA (IE)

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