Explore the “Blackbox” of Digital Marketing – Roles (and Risks) in Insights

As digital marketing grows, the number of tools to manage social media also grows.  New software solutions are promising to automate a majority of (digital) marketing campaigns so that marketers can focus on other activities. These “black box” systems don’t provide insights into their algorithms and decision-making criteria, but offer ease of use where marketers can just plug and play on their campaign goals while the system magically (read: automatically) delivers the results.

However, the question often asked is, “How much automation is good – and how do you control it if you have no idea what is going on inside?”.  Julien Pahud, International Customer Analytics Director of Eli Lilly & Company will help researchers to find the right level of automation in his presentation, “Blackbox digital marketing – Insights and consent management in a future blockchain-enabled privacy world”. Julian’s talk will focus on the challenge of managing digital market marketing initiatives where marketers have no direct visibility of the behaviors of their segments and need to leverage analytical insights as proxies to be able to deliver meaningful tailored and targeted content. He will also deep dive into blockchains as this technology might have the most radical and disruptive impact.


Julien is passionate about blockchain and how distributed ledgers can radically transform the traditional “central database model”. Moreover, blockchain in digital marketing (and how it could transform marketing research and insights as we know them) is not very well explored yet and raising awareness as well as foresight can help shape the future of the field. Marketers should understand the evolution of the technology landscape and follow Futurists/Foresight influencers whilst ensuring a detailed understanding of their own organization, its digital transformation roadmap and how they can contribute to it.


One of the key motivations to attend and speak at MRMW Europe is to receive feedback from industry peers so Julien can further develop his research. Comparing today’s research environment with the mid 90ies, where the advent of the internet shook up the entire business world, he feels that it is important to hear cross-industry perspectives to better understand priorities, hot topics, and the latest trends. Insights and marketing researchers will need to continuously adjust since they are challenged on one hand by societal and legal pressure for more privacy and data ownership; on the other hand by technological changes which can make current approaches obsolete quickly.

Join Julien and other speakers from L’Oreal, Formula 1, Signify (Philips Lighting), Intel, Cereal Partners Worldwide (General Mills & Nestlé), WeTransfer, Anadolu Efes, Turkcell, , Sberbank, HM Revenue & Customs, Nomad Foods, BBC, Borderless Access and many more at MRMW Europe 2019  to hear about the latest innovations, techniques and tools for market researchers.


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