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MRMW Europe 2018: Not long to wait now!

Full of anticipation for the MRMW Europe 2018 in Stockholm in 4 weeks, yesterday, I had the chance to chat with Rainier van Rietschoten, Co-founder & CCO of Veylinx, who is one of the speakers. Rainier will be presenting a showcase with Chris Lindsley from Reckitt Benckiser to share insights on how to apply Behavioral Science in innovation testing to mitigate the bias between what people say and what they do.

“We are in a Golden Age of Market Research” as Rainier put it; within most companies, Insights is at the core of every innovation funnel. There is also more innovation going on in the research industry than ever before, think of Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, and AI.

Taking into account that ~80% of innovations will not exist in 2-3 years, we need to ask ourselves if we are measuring the right things. Of course, traditional research works but it’s not perfect and we now have the innovations now to drastically improve.

How much of what we innovate is – as Rainier calls it – “fakovation” and what is needed to come up with products and services that actually deliver long-term value to consumers? Rainier has always been passionate about pushing the boundaries of research to enable more precise predictions of consumer behavior and to generate insights that help bring to market innovations that will stay. And we are both happy that gatherings like the MRMW offer a perfect space to discuss openly and to learn from each other.

While it will be the first MRMW for me, Rainier has already joined several times. This time, he is particularly excited to hear Anne-sterre Mees from Philips speaking about building an organization-wide consumer insights strategy to deliver relevant and connected intelligence and Anders Bengtsson from Protobrand who will share with us how to create deeper and more actionable insights with system 1 and Behavioral Economics.

With the highly promising agenda in mind, Rainier and I are very much looking forward to rich content and fruitful conversations on how we can reinvent Insights & Innovation strategies to better seize the opportunities of the rising digital disruption.

Hoping to see you in Stockholm!

Note: This post was originally posted on LinkedIn

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Irene Kowalenko

Irene Kowalenko

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