Innovation Envy

How Established Innovators Can Embed the DNA of Successful Disruptors

Innovation is a top priority for all established organizations, yet many companies struggle with the speed and quality of innovation and are challenged by successful disruptors and start-ups. The old ways of innovating often lack the DNA of what makes the disruptors successful: friction, passion and gut. This creates ‘innovation envy’ among incumbents. There are many ways for large corporations to deal with this envy such as simply buying the disruptor, borrowing agile innovation practices, or trying to become more like them.

Touching the same point, MRMW Europe is hosting a masterclass with Tom de Ruyck, Managing Partner at Insite Consulting and François Pétavy, CEO at eYeka. This masterclass will focus on how established innovators can – in a simple way – embed the DNA of successful disruptors in their innovation research process, creating a new innovation culture.

Masterclass Program:

    • Opening Keynote ‘Innovation Envy’ by Tom De Ruyck
    • The role of Crowdsourcing in Innovation by Francois Pétavy
    • Workshop– audience gets to opportunity to share their story and to learn from each other
  • Networking drinks sponsored by Insites Consulting


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Join Tom, Francois and other speakers from L’Oreal, Formula 1, Signify (Philips Lighting), Intel, Cereal Partners Worldwide (General Mills & Nestlé), WeTransfer, Anadolu Efes, Turkcell, , Sberbank, HM Revenue & Customs, Nomad Foods, BBC, Borderless Access and many more at MRMW Europe 2019  to hear about the latest innovations, techniques and tools for market researchers.

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