Humanizing Online Research with AI

Humanizing Online Research with AI: Enhancing Engagement and Data Quality

Humanizing Online Research with AI: Enhancing Engagement and Data Quality

In recent years Epiphany’s concept of Conversational Design™ allowed us to improve the quality of our research with great results. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies brings even greater opportunity to humanize online research and deliver the best research experience possible. This white paper explores how our AI-powered digital moderator, Lisa™, is a revolutionary step forward in online research.

The State of Traditional Online Research

Traditional online research methodologies face significant challenges, primarily due to the reliance on lengthy and complex surveys. These methods often fail to replicate real human-to-human conversations, resulting in limited customer engagement and responses that do not accurately reflect actual behaviors. This discrepancy between claimed and actual behavior undermines the validity of the data collected, with the risk of misleading insights and strategy.

Transitioning to Conversational Research

The arrival of AI and ML has opened new avenues for online research, transforming the experience from static surveys to dynamic conversations. Our digital moderator, Lisa™, embodies this transformation. By facilitating real-time, human-like interactions, Lisa™ enhances the research experience, allowing for more accurate and meaningful data collection. Unlike most solutions found in the market, Lisa™ is not just another chatbot. Steering away from the uncanniness of bot interactions, she listens, learns and responds in meaningful and emphatic ways.

Enhancing Data Quality through Humanized Interactions

Consumers have an intrinsic motivation to share and contribute when they feel engaged in a meaningful conversation. By shifting to a conversational approach, we can tap into the natural willingness of consumers to engage. This shift not only improves participation rates but also enriches the quality of insights gathered. And as an additional benefit, we interact in ways that new generations recognize from their social media interactions. Our overall UI / UX encourages to share more and richer stories. We capture what consumers truly feel and believe.

Enhancing Data Quality through Humanized Interactions

Breaking the Quant vs. Qual paradigm

The historical divide between quantitative (quant) and qualitative (qual) research is becoming less relevant with the capabilities offered by Lisa™. By integrating quant and qual research in one, we achieve significant efficiencies in time-to-market and cost. Our approach eliminates the need for a staged process, providing comprehensive insights into consumer considerations, preferences, and behaviours in a more streamlined manner. Just as a reference, we can host thousands of 1:1 interview in 70 languages in less than 48 hours from idea to first analysis.

The Art of Conversation

Our platform leverages AI to replicate human-to-human interactions through three core mechanisms:

  1. Listening Tools: Lisa™ is equipped with an inventory of tools that allow consumers to express their thoughts and emotions through text, speech, and visual mediums, as well as through their actions and behaviors, going beyond the capabilities of chatbots. This enables a deeper understanding of both claimed and actual behaviors.
  2. Learning Capabilities: Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Lisa™ can comprehend nuances, remember past interactions, and draw connections from broader knowledge contexts. This capability allows for a more personalized and insightful research experience.
  3. Responsive Engagement: Lisa™’s unique ability for engaging with consumers extends far beyond simply providing responses. Her vibrant personality and emotional responsiveness distinguish her from other digital personas, avoiding the discomfort often associated with humanoid-like interfaces.
Addressing Research Challenges with AI

Lisa™ is designed to support all stages of the marketing and customer journey, from the fuzzy front-end of innovation and idea testing to tracking and measuring success with key performance indicators (KPIs). For post-experience research (remember the endless amounts of e-mails you receive every day), Lisa™ offers great opportunity to elevate the current experience into an exciting brand experience. Therefore, Lisa™ becomes an important customer touchpoint, not only for gathering insights, but also to have a better emotional connection.


AI and ML offer great opportunities for the research industry. By embracing these technologies and re-thinking ‘how we normally do this’ we can transform traditional surveys into real conversations. Lisa™ improves engagement and data quality while delivering on the promise of speed, impact, and agility. Therefore, the future of research looks more promising than ever. 

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