Catalyx Webinar – There is no ‘norm’ in the so-called ‘new normal‘

Everyone keeps talking about the new normal but what does that actually mean? Assumptions of what will return, versus what will shift and change, are putting brands at risk of making blind decisions. The world has been living through the 7 stages of grief in the last year. This journey hasn’t been linear and it’s dangerous to assume it will be as we look to the future. While a collective sense of hope that vaccinations will provide a way out of the pandemic, people are on different journeys and at different stages of how they feel and consequently will behave.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to prevent messaging mis-steps with your consumers with a 360 degree view of what they think, feel, do and want.
  • How to avoid assumptions and generalisations with groups who are at different stages of their “consumer grief”
  • Learn how to make quicker easier decisions by understanding your consumers from all angles
  • Receive some of the most up to date consumer insight on how consumers think, feel and want from the future, and what they plan to do when it arrives

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Speaker: Guy White, Founder, Catalyx
Date: June 3rd, 2021
Time: 09:00 EDT



  • Jens Cornelissen

    Jens Cornelissen has been writing for over two decades – initially for general newspapers in his home country Germany. After receiving an MA degree in Communications, he joined a new media start-up in Amsterdam as consultant on new media technologies and country editor for two daily newsletters. In his current day job, Jens runs the global conference division for Merlien’s dedicated marketing research events. Jens is a trained journalist with a BA in Journalism from Westminster University in London and has authored several media industry reports and articles on mobile and media technology.