Past Webinars

Adapting In-Person Research To the Ever-Changing Waves of a Covid Environment

Irene Bocca

Business Director – CCam focus powered by Civicom

In-person research has dramatically changed since the pandemic. New parameters were added for executing a project, as restrictions on the number of observers, facility availability, and vaccination status impacted what testing could be done.
Despite progress in some countries, limitations that impact the viability of in-person focus groups and interviews, including medical/product testing remain in many locations. Join us for our webinar as we share new ways you can push forward with your in-person research in focus group facilities or other locations of your choice.

Kickstart Project Success: Emerging, Agile and Creative Online Qualitative Solutions

Ben Adosto

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Jonathan Laudencia

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Zoom has dominated online meets for two years now, but it certainly is NOT the panacea virtual platform, especially considering the scope of all that research requires to be successful.

Ready or not, over the last 18 months, researchers were compelled daily to utilize a variety of digitally-based solutions. However, getting to the heart of true insight in this environment requires more than merely audio and video. Qualitative needs a human touch combined with great technical acumen and research-focused technology to mitigate concerns rooted in the imminent adaptability, mobility, flexibility, and privacy/confidentiality issues that will arise in the course of online research. You need a solution to address those needs.

Join our webinar as we dig into how we`ve changed the game, leveraging our 20+ years of world-renowned, expert facilitation of online qualitative research. We know how to deliver the best in project success for today`s agile and creative qual researchers.

Social Intelligence: The most important and underutilized piece of the insights puzzle!

Vincent Corbo


Consumers use social media and web at almost every step of their purchase experience. This trend – and the stay-at-home behaviors amplified by it – has heavily increased over the last few months due to COVID-19. It’s a huge opportunity for marketers and insights professionals to take advantage of, with consumer data on social media and various platforms online just waiting to be unearthed by brands.. Enter Social Intelligence. This technology lets you acquire key consumer insights and valuable data that’ll give your brand an edge against the competition. Though one of the most valuable digital conveniences out there for consumer insights and research professionals, there’s still a lack of awareness of the technology and its direct benefits to marketing and consumer insights teams!

When Competitive Intelligence Meets Social Intelligence

Rachel Chong


The availability of intelligence tools has allowed data to be democratized to companies of all sizes. It’s now easier than before for brands to understand their customer needs via social media networks that provide useful information on customer behaviour and market trends. In this session, learn why social intelligence is essential for modern brands to build effective competitive intelligence strategies. Learn how you can leverage it to have a real-time overview of challenges, advantages, and market gaps so you can make the right strategic choices.

Social Media Intelligence versus Traditional Research Methods

Anton Bezkorovainyi


Amidst the global disruption due to the pandemic, consumer behaviour has changed drastically causing major shifts in business priorities across small, medium and large enterprises. Traditional research methods are not able to keep up the change in pace. In this webinar, Anton Bezkorovainyi, the Head of Research at YouScan will guide you through a new approach in data gathering that will bring you instant consumer insights. Some of the discussion points include:

  • Social media intelligence versus traditional approaches of data gathering
  • Utilising tools to get representative data from social media
  • Translating social media data into actionable consumer insights