Social Intelligence: The most important and underutilized piece of the insights puzzle

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Date:       February 4th, 2021
Time:       12:00 PM (EDT, New York)

Consumers use social media and web at almost every step of their purchase experience. This trend – and the stay-at-home behaviors amplified by it – has heavily increased over the last few months due to COVID-19. It’s a huge opportunity for marketers and insights professionals to take advantage of, with consumer data on social media and various platforms online just waiting to be unearthed by brands.. Enter Social Intelligence. This technology lets you acquire key consumer insights and valuable data that’ll give your brand an edge against the competition. Though one of the most valuable digital conveniences out there for consumer insights and research professionals, there’s still a lack of awareness of the technology and its direct benefits to marketing and consumer insights teams!

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Social Intelligence and its key benefits to insights and market research professionals
  • Platform integrations that help professionals visualize consumer insights coming from a plethora of data sources
  • How to monitor Key KPIs
  • How to build social intelligence within your organization

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  • Jens Cornelissen

    Jens Cornelissen has been writing for over two decades – initially for general newspapers in his home country Germany. After receiving an MA degree in Communications, he joined a new media start-up in Amsterdam as consultant on new media technologies and country editor for two daily newsletters. In his current day job, Jens runs the global conference division for Merlien’s dedicated marketing research events. Jens is a trained journalist with a BA in Journalism from Westminster University in London and has authored several media industry reports and articles on mobile and media technology.