Moowa Nasani Pre Conference Interview On African Market

Moowa Masani from Reach Consumer Insights share some brief information about the practical application of a combined approach in an African market during the upcoming QUAL360 APAC conference is going to held on Oct 16-17 in Singapore. We had a conversation with him about the highlights of his session and the current state of Qualitative research.

Qual360 APAC 2019 conference interview

Qual360: Without giving too much away – what is the core message of your talk and what would you like delegates to remember?

Moowa Nasani: Semiotics is not a new science but its principles are not always applied consciously by brands. When a semiotic approach is used some practitioners still use a culturally biased lens. This paper aims to show that its critical to use stimulus carefully and with cultural and business context.

Qual360: Why did you choose the topic of your talk?

Moowa Nasani: Our consumers in Namibia and indeed the whole of Africa are increasingly brand savvy and are inundated with choice (some categories more than others) While they can be quite demanding they can not always predict what they will like or where shifts in the market are headed. In this paper we aim to show that tension and how semiotics helped to deliver options for optimising the brand’s positioning.

Qual360: What motivates you to join QUAL360 APAC and what are your expectations?

Moowa Nasani: Qual research is facing some major challenges. As a practitioner, I need agility and speed more than ever before and yet also need to deliver well thought out business solutions from consumer engagements. Qual 360 is for me a platform to share and exchange best practice methodology and application to real business issues

Qual360: There is a lot of talk about the current state of qualitative research – how would you sum up the current state of qualitative research in 1-2 sentences? And what do you think QUAL360 APAC as a conference can contribute?

Moowa Nasani: I joined Qual360 as I felt there was yet a global platform dedicated to qual research. In many forums Qual research is often a nice to have and yet a clear need still exists for its use. My main motivation at any industry conference is to gain further insights into the business application and increased relevance of Qual for brands clients.

Join QUAL360 APAC 2019 on October 16-17 Singapore.

QUAL360 will feature leading brands like Harley-Davidson, L’Oreal, AirAsia, PayPal, Twitter, Unilever, Mondelez, Unilever, The Vinetian, Income, Reach Consumer Insights, Calistro Consultants, Mckinsey Company, Ipsos, Kantar, Insightzclub and many more for two days of talks,discussions,workshops, and course networking!!

View Conference Agenda and Speaker Panel.

Qual360 APAC 2019 conference Interview


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