Digital Consumer Intelligence

Digital Consumer Intelligence: Bridge the digital divide between brands and consumers

Consumers today are in a fantastic position.

We can buy from any company in the world and the choice is endless. We can also connect with people everywhere to help us decide what it is we’ll support, buy, boycott, or promote. It’s never been easier to find, discuss, and source exactly what we want.

For brands and agencies, this presents challenges and opportunities.

Markets are volatile, with small agile companies able to innovate and disrupt at speed. Narratives around brands and products are owned by consumers, and interactions between businesses and their customers have changed fundamentally.

Along with all these changes, the last few decades have seen an explosion in digital information about consumer opinions and behaviours. Harnessing this data to understand the people with all the power (the consumers) is crucial for any brand to be successful.

But taming the data explosion isn’t easy – it’s disparate, unstructured, and can be too vast for brands to comprehend and act on at speed.

This is where Brandwatch comes in.

With our blend of data engineering, artificial intelligence, and in-house expertise in market research and brand strategy, we are uniquely placed to help organizations bring the voice of the customer into the heart of their decision making. We do this by bringing structure and meaning to the voices of billions of consumers, and putting this power into the hands of everyone in your organization.

We call this Digital Consumer Intelligence.



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