Digital Disruption- The Next Wave of Innovation

Digital Disruption: The Next Wave of Innovation in Consumer Insights

Digital transformation and disruption are reshaping the way we live and work. It has changed the buying behavior of consumers. In fact, digital disruption is not just a buzzword, it is growing at unprecedented pace and if you’re falling behind in the game, you may have a hard time in catching up. Companies of consumer industries are experiencing massive disruption and as a result of it, they are scrambling to find new business models and reinvent their strategies to increase their market agility. In today’s time when “the customer is king”, companies are required to provide unmatched experiences, and on-going satisfaction in order to earn customer loyalty.

In short, digital disruption has brought a revolution in consumer industries and in order to survive in this new and collaborative environment, industry players must reinvent themselves.


“Over half of executives and 10 out of 13 industries anticipate a massive digital disruption in their industry over the next 12 months”.

Source: HBR

Disrupt with DIGITAL

While many people consider Digital Disruption scary, it offers several opportunities to innovate and grow. The value of the digital economy is growing in every industry. There are around 3 billion consumers who interact every day through digital devices including laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Digital technologies are evolving and as a result, consumer behavior is also changing. The digital innovations have restructured how consumers shop for products and services.

Winning players have already reinvented consumer insights and market research strategies to respond to digital disruption and exceed consumer expectations. Join Derek Franks, Global Director of Insights, Electronic Art at MRMW North America 2018 where he will be revealing how digitalization has changed Electronic Art’s business and its market research strategy.

Market researchers need to increase speed and agility in generating insights

Digital transformation cannot happen without the ability to collect, integrate, and analyze all customer data. The rapidly changing market and consumer behavior demand fast real-time insights for decision making. Insight innovation in times of digital disruption has become a need of the hour for customer-journey management and design. The traditional market-research methodologies may not be in-line with disruptive business models. Thus, market researchers need to find new ways to be agile in generating consumer insights. They need to employ more flexible and dynamic research approaches.

Innovate Insights Generation in times of Digital Disruption

Touching the point of insights innovation, Seema Swamy, Group Manager, Market Insights, Uber will be presenting Uber’s market research strategies with its disruptive business model at MRMW North America 2018. Apart from this, Rose Lynne McCarty, Vice President, Marketing, Stewart Title will be sharing new technology and analytics to generate valuable consumer insights.

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MRMW North America 2018: The Rise of Digital Disruption

In order to thrive in this new environment where companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, and Tesla disrupting the marketplace, traditional brands must reinvent their marketing, consumer insight, and market research strategies. Join speakers from the leading disrupters including Pinterest, Uber, P&G, HSBC, Twitter and more at MRMW North America conference which will kick off on April 24 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Don’t miss out on the market research event of the year! Register now!



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