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Finding the right tools with a little magic in a winery experience

Have you ever had a bad tasting room experience at a winery?  Good news! With customer experience measurement becoming more and more ingrained in the alcohol industry, Randy Browne, Analytics & Insights Lead at C. Mondavi & Family will share on Charles Krug’s journey to measure our tasting room and winery experience at the QUAL360 NORTH AMERICA 2019 in Washington D.C., on 20-21st March, 2019.

Randy will be speaking on, “The magic potion – Discovering the right tools in a winery experience” where it will cover the C. Mondavi & Family’s journey to understand more about their Charles Krug tasting room and wine club membership experience.  The research tools include a mix of mobile, online, and face to face – exploring the best communication channels for our target groups.

Randy feels that this will be a great topic to share because historically, C. Mondavi & Family has not done a lot of research over the years.  And the mix of qualitative and quantitative research they are currently doing at C. Mondavi & Family will help the company to understand what their consumers are looking for in a winery and wine club experience to improve its brands.

For Randy, qualitative research is constantly changing and evolving.  The companies and industries that continue to invest in people, research tools and; have an open and innovative mind on qualitative research will gain a competitive advantage.  He believes that QUAL360 NORTH AMERICA 2019 brings these forward-thinking people together in one room to continue to innovate for the future.

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