Insights Visualization: The Power of Infographics in Research

Visual storytelling is one of the hottest trends in research and insights. Visual display of data is useful for both quantitative and qualitative market research. Regardless of the data source, the manner in which you display a data can have an intense impact on how well it is understood, interpreted and put to use. In the era of big data where information moves faster than ever, infographics can be used to provide quick and influential bursts of insight and knowledge.

“Organizations with real­-time visualization are able to obtain critical information within the decision window 78% of the time, or 22% more often than organizations without real­time visualization.” – Aberdeen

Many researchers often don’t have the opportunities to get creative with the data and they simply develop generic PowerPoint decks and reports. However, with infographics and storytelling, they can think creatively about the data and show their research findings through high-spec visuals that are engaging and easy to understand.

If you are skeptical about the use of infographics in market research, then you must join Kelsy Saulsbury at Qual North America 2018 which will be held on March 21-22 in Washington D.C. She will be explaining the power of infographics for research and how the emotion of qualitative creates more impactful infographics than quantitative data alone.

QUAL360 North America 2018 is just a few weeks away. Hence, we thought to interview Kelsy to warm up a bit for the conference. We asked Kelsy on her views about the conference, current state of MR and main challenges of qual research. Check out what she has to say:

Without giving too much away – what is the core message of my talk and what would you like delegates to remember?

Kelsy: Having great research and data is the foundation, but if we don’t convey insights to our business partners that breaks through all of the clutter of information they are bombarded with, then we won’t have the impact we want to have.  Infographics are a great tool to help us have more influence.

What motivates you to join Qual360 and what are your expectations?

Kelsy: I try to regularly attend various conferences so that I can stay up on what is happening in the industry.  This will be my first time attending Qual360.  My expectations for any conference are to have an opportunity to pause for a minute from my busy daily work and take a moment to learn, discuss and think about what I could be doing differently or better.

There is a lot of talk about the current State of MR – would you sum up the current state of qualitative market research in 1-2 sentences? And what do you think Qual360 as a conference can contribute?

Kelsy: In my own work, I’ve seen a decrease in in-person qualitative and a larger focus on on-line due to both tightening budgets and increased online capabilities.

What are the main challenges for Qual. research right now and how must a qual researcher position themselves for the future?

Kelsy: When I’m looking to hire qualitative researchers, I’m looking for someone who beyond doing great qualitative work is also really willing to deeply understand my business so they can provide thought leadership.   I’m looking for strong storytelling skills so they can bring the insights to life. Increasingly, my work includes both quantitative and qualitative work so I need my qualitative partners to be able to understand the quantitative work I’m doing and how the qualitative and quantitative work together.  The strongest projects I’ve done tend to be those that can effectively combine both qualitative and quantitative.  As I listen to all of the talks about Big Data, I think qualitative has an important role to play in reminding us that understanding the why is just as important as the what.

So this was an insightful interview with one of the keynote speakers at QUAL360 North America 2018. Apart from Kelsy, we have some other research masters from leading international brands who will be sharing innovating tools and research methodologies at QUAL360 North America. Meghann Elrhoul of Twitter will be leveraging qual research to create a shareable tweet for the diverse audience while Olesya Govorun of Pfizer will be sharing how qualitative research can be leveraged to gain insight into the consumer journey and uncover unmet needs and critical touch points. Tasja Kirkwood of Viacom will share how innovative qual research can gain a better understanding of the attitude, behaviors, and outlook on the future for both Gen Z and Millennials on their terms.

To view complete conference agenda, click here.

To view speaker panel, click here.

Join all these research experts at QUAL360 North America 2018 on March 21-22 in Washington D.C. and learn the best practices of qual research which will help you stay ahead of the game! Register today!


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