Making Invisible Worlds Visible.

Before we talk about the future of market research and the power of the implicit brain we have to talk about the past. The past of medical science.

Making Invisible Worlds Visible150y ago, roughly 40% patients died in or after surgery. 40%! Simple surgery equalled almost half a death sentence. Nowadays, the mortality rate has dropped to about 0,4%. This means a 100 times less risky, or a 100 times more successful. The root cause of this giant leap forward is simply -drumroll -science. The medical profession changed forever once scientists started to agree on the importance and influence of elements invisible to the naked eye, such as bacteria and viruses, metabolical processes, etc. With microscopes and x-ray machines, doctors equipped themselves with new tools and tech to observe, measure, and map these invisible worlds. And the medical profession changed for the better.

The key factor in medical progress was the observation and understanding of that hidden world inside our own bodies. Now, just imagine that the key factor for the progress of market research is the observation and understanding of that hidden world inside our own brain? What if I tell you that our market research will change forever and change for the better thanks to neuroscience.

Making Invisible Worlds VisibleBeyond Reason has emerged as one of the global leaders of this new niche within our industry. With almost 100 million implicit consumer responses, collected on four continents, in research projects for some of the world’s biggest and most iconic brands, we see constant proof of the power of this innovative approach. If there is one thing that we have learned during these crazy pioneering years, it is that there are two voices in the consumer’s head and that both of them are at least equally important. For a more complete understanding, we need to listen to the outer-explicit voice and the inner-implicit voice. Listen to only one, and you’re half blind.

There is no doubt that, in coming years, implicit methods will become equally important as the traditional declarative research toolkit. This combination of the traditional and the innovative will be the power that drives our industry forward.

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