Qual360 APAC 2017 Sneak Preview – Neuroscience, Virtual Reality and Mixed Methods

Qualitative360 conferences are considered the industry’s gold standard and a must-attend event for the global qualitative research community. On October 11-12, we will be holding the APAC edition of Qual360 bringing together leading thinkers and innovators to the dynamic city of Singapore.

Join us to learn directly from major clients such as Martyn U’ren of Twitter, Vrinda Bhatia of Ericsson India and Belinda Pang of IFF. We spoke to these three leaders about their presentations as well as their expectations for Qual360 2017. Here is what they had to say:

Martyn U’ren, Head of Research for Asia Pacific and Japan at Twitter is excited about the current dynamic in qualitative research and about the upcoming Qual360 conference saying “The Qual360 agenda is a fantastic opportunity to continue the inspiration of qualitative research across Asia”.

Martyn’s presentation will focus on ‘Twitter’s voyage to discovering the subconscious through Neuroscience and Virtual Reality (VR)’. He explains: “There are numerous discussions on the role of technology with qual research. In my experience, I feel we are at a crucial stage where we need to start to create more convergence between qualitative research and data-based insights. At the moment data based solutions (social listening) are being used in a quantitative approach but the new technologies are actually more useful in a qual setting providing unfiltered feedback from consumers.” The one key point that he would like the attendees to take back from his presentation is, “To think of all of the potential new data available as opportunities to learn and invent new approaches.”

We also spoke with Vrinda Bhatia, Senior Advisor at Ericsson India who has spent the last year innovating qualitative research methodology at Ericsson ConsumerLab. She will  showcase ‘how VR transformed consumer research’. Her presentation will help you understand how to successfully set up and leverage VR.

“Our profession, qualitative consumer research, could be changing at its core!” said Vrinda. “I think the work that we have been able to do at Ericsson ConsumerLab is very relevant to the conference’s theme this year as well as showcasing how technology is changing our methodology, just as much as it is changing our consumers.” Little has so far been published about qualitative research in virtual reality and Ericsson is proud to break new ground here – as well as sharing this with the Qual360 community.

Finally, we caught up with Belinda Pang, Regional Sensory & Consumer Insights Manager, Greater Asia, Flavors at International Flavors & Fragrances. Belinda is part of an exciting panel discussion along with representatives from P&G and Facebook. The panel will discuss on of the industry’s ongoing challenges: ‘synergising qualitative and quantitative research’.

Belinda says, “A synergistic approach for qualitative and quantitative would always be an interesting topic for researchers.” She goes on to explain, “quantitative data is powerful to connect to the analytical deposition of people. However, in-building qualitative methods allows for deeper understanding and connectivity to consumers.” This panel will deliver top tips to create flexible hybrid methodologies and assess through examples whether the research blend was in fact beneficial or not.

So here you go! This concludes the first preview of our upcoming Qual360 APAC conference on October 11-12 in Singapore. Martyn U’ren, Vrinda Bhatia and Belinda Pang and others will be leading this conference to help you develop a competitive edge within the market research industry through the latest qualitative techniques.

We have brought in speakers from international brands and innovators like P&G, Intel Corporation, Citibank, Mondelēz International, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, BBC World News, Fonterra , Facebook, Samsung, Kellogg’s, Cahyatama Consulting , Space Doctors , BDRC Asia, Thinkbumblebee Analytics, Krealinks and many more to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date case studies, best practices and innovative qual technologies.

To join the conference, visit apac.qual360.com and book your seat now! See you soon at Qual360 APAC!


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