Responding to Digital Disruption at MRMW APAC 2018

Driven forward by digital disruption, the rise of mobile, social and e- (and m-) commerce represents a set of waves that is deeply affecting consumers and the way that companies connect with them. Be it shopping or entertainment, today’s digitally savvy consumers need connectivity for everything. Digital transformation has led to new value creations. It has provided an increased level of convenience and accessibility to consumers. Though the emerging digital technology and disruptive business models are making consumer’s day-to-day lives simpler and easier, they have also posed threats to traditional job roles. Market researchers are no different, artificial intelligence, automation, and evolving video technologies provide great challenges for the market research and insights industry.

Start-ups, ad-tech, and software companies have penetrated the market with products that collect and analyze data faster and cheaper than traditional methods. Insights gathering giants including Google, Uber, and Amazon have entered the arena with the funds and ability to become early adopters of these artificial and intuitive programs to automate the collection and interpretation of consumer data. Traditional researchers and companies are beginning to realize the need to adopt technology and think of new business models as they are challenged by a wave of new digital players.

This might be easy to state, but the more challenging question is: how can this be done? This is an overarching question that will be tackled at the MRMW APAC conference which will be held on June 27-28 in Singapore. The event brings together market research luminaries to discuss the re-invention of consumer insights and research strategies in times of digital disruption.

Speakers at the conference will discuss how data and analytics along with emerging technology can provide a greater level of sophistication in research and insights. For example, Anup Pradhan from Uber will discuss aligning Uber’s market research strategies with its disruptive business model and Nadia Gaspari with Caitlin Noonan will explore how in the moment insights can improve the overall consumer experience.

The full agenda for the MRMW APAC conference is now available and online. We invite you to explore our schedule of thought-provoking sessions! View conference agenda here!

In particular, Asia Pacific is one of the most emerging regions to watch with trends of digital consumer behavior. Be a part of MRMW APAC and join market research luminaries of the leading international brands to discuss the re-invention of consumer insights and research strategies in times of digital disruption.


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