Why join Qualitative360 in Washington D.C.

We can tell you that we love Qual360 all day long. But wouldn’t it be better to hear from some of the speakers who invest their time and energy into helping to build the conference? We have asked some of them to share their thoughts about Qualitative360 and found some striking similarities.

The presidential elections are still fresh for many of us and the post-mortem to be presented by Gallup’s Ilana Ron Levey and Stephanie Marken is receiving a lot of attention. Jaymie Wahlen from Dscout mentioned that his company also ran a project to better understand how qualitative methods could have added to the polling studies. He is specifically looking forward to understanding the best combination of qualitative methods and traditional polling. Others are also looking forward to experiencing Washington at a time of such monumental shifts in US and global politics!

Challenging conventions is what Qual360 is all about! Greg Clayton, together with Andrew Neary from Dow Jones, will highlight the benefits of digital interactions for qualitative research and attempt to pack 4 months of learnings into a 30 minute talk. Ana Galindo from Yanmar will share “rules to live by” that she learned in her 5 month long study, talking to farmers across the US. Definitely not your everyday target group!

New ways: FieldAgent’s Renee Brandon put it best when she said that “qualitative research is changing and evolving in an era of Big Data. Through increased connectivity and the online environment, global qual projects can now be delivered more cost effectively and deliver impressive results. The evolution of research techniques does not always require new technologies as PlayFULL Insights and Beiersdorf will show. This collaboration resulted in a new type of hands-on research tool that engages researcher and end user alike.

So join us at Qual360 on April 5&6 in Washington D.C.  and challenge yourself! Opportunities abound!
Check out the full conference agenda and speaker listing at na.qual360.com!

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