BMW Digital Transformation

BMW leveraging on digital technologies to build stronger customer relationship

Social media and innovative communication technologies give brands increasing opportunities to listen to their customers about all aspects of their business, brands, products and services.  However, this also means companies have to constantly rethink their positioning and strategy. BMW has come a long way as a 100-year-old manufacturer of automobiles to a high-tech enterprise using its own Connected+ app to better understand customers’ use of their cars.

Jeffrey Hamilton, Head of Consumer Insights at BMW will share how organizations that are not born digital can leverage on digital technologies to build stronger customer relationships. His presentation, “From Metal Bender to App Developer – BMWs Digital Transformation”describes the change processes of the company to turn itself into a modern day digital player.

Jeffrey will put the latest (digital) transformation of BMW into perspective of 100 years of innovation and growth to position the company for continued success.He will also highlight how BMW now uses data to collect consumer insights from its Connected+ app in order to stay in close connection with its customers.

Jeffrey is looking forward to speaking at MRMW North America 2019 because he feels that it is a great platform that brings together thought leaders in market research and consumer insights to discuss, share and network which is a fundamental requirement for businesses to survive and thrive.

When we interviewed Jeffrey about the current state of consumer insights he concluded, “Show me the data! Consumer insights has always leveraged information to better understand consumers, but the rapid rise in consumer data has opened up new opportunities for consumer insights that are not only descriptive but predictive.”  And in response to that, researchers should learn to speak the language of data to continue to push for better insights.

Join Jeffrey and other key speakers from leading global and regional brands as well as well-known agencies such as Procter & Gamble, PayPal, Facebook, The Wonderful Company, Philip Morris  International, Foursquare, Eastman Chemical Company, Verizon,Celgene, Celebrity Cruises, Borderless Access and many more at MRMW North America 2019.

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