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Pulsar Report: Transactions & Reactions – The Online Credit Card Conversation

Credit keeps the world economy moving, with Visa, Mastercard and American Express brand names easily identifiable across the globe

For most of the world, most of the time, these providers have traditionally been part of the world’s invisible machinery. And yet, looking at the sharp incline in social mentions from 2019 to 2022, we can see a definitive shift taking place, with each of these brands increasingly becoming part of conversations worldwide.

Within this report, we’ll be exploring the different associations that attach to each brand, the audiences engaging in the global conversation, how spending behaviours and customer incentives intersect with these different audiences and online communities

To do so, we analysed over half a million English-language posts between October 2021 – February 2022 from the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos and Brunei.

The data sources include Twitter, Reddit, and other forums.

Visa: The Most Discussed Credit Card Provider Internationally

From January 2019 onwards, we see Visa emerge by some distance as the most-mentioned provider on Twitter, accounting for almost as much conversation as the other two combined.

And this trend is only accentuated when expanding the search from October 2021 – February 2022 to incorporate Reddit, Blogs, Forums and Trustpilot, bringing Visa’s total SOV within this period to 53%.

Why? As we shall see, the Visa brand is closely linked to the news and hype cycles. Stories outlined how the provider’s relationship with different providers and platforms would soon be subject to change in the wake of technological and political upheaval – even if several of these developments would ultimately be rowed back on.

visaTwitter mentions of Visa, Mastercard and Amex from Jan 2019 to Jan 2022.
Source: Pulsar TRENDS.

Who’s participating in the Conversation around Credit Cards?

Credit Cards attract various opinions, which emanate from across society. Using Pulsar’s Communities integration, we can cluster these different audience segments according to their shared online behaviours and affinities.

The number of notes reflects the size of that particular community, while the size of the nodes indicates the degree to which it is connected to others taking part in the broader conversation.

conversion1conversion2The US (left) and UK audience segments in the Credit Cards conversation on Twitter, Oct 12 2021 – Feb 22 2022. Source: Pulsar TRAC


The Top 3 Credit Card Incentives in Singaporegraph
  • In a forum thread discussing American Express True Cash Back Card, those about to make big purchases asked for recommendations on what credit cards would yield the most cash back.
  • Talks on credit cards teaming up with other brands, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies are popular online. These include Mastercard and Bakkt, Coinbase and Visa, AMEX and GrabPay.
  • Earning points via GrabPay MasterCard transactions is prevalent in online discussions in Singapore. Others say that alternative cards with more appealing benefits are also available.

You may download the full whitepaper HERE to learn more about this report.

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The Access Intelligence portfolio includes Isentia, Pulsar, Vuelio and ResponseSource.

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