Editor’s Pick: Top Qualitative Research Blogs

Top Qualitative Research Blogs are blogs picked from a range of sources including submissions by Qual360 Linkedin group members, Qual360 conference delegates as well as blogs recommended by the global Qual community. Below is a list of blogs that will lead you into knowing more about qualitative research and how others work for this kind of study.  Please note they are in no particular order or ranking.

  1. LiveMinds (https://liveminds.com/blog) – Tips and inspiration for global qualitative research. Featuring independent industry expert Tom Woodnutt, regular submissions by guest bloggers and useful case studies.
  2. Illume Stories (https://www.illumestories.com) -Trend spotting from the consumers’world, sharing and comparing trends across emerging markets.
  3. Strangers On The Shore (https://shorequalblog.com) – covers thoughts about qual from a practitioner point of view and links to related fields like behavioural economics, sociology, politics and the wider culture.
  4. Closer to Brands (http://www.closertobrands.co.uk) by Richard Brown. He believes that brands have to make an emotional connection with their target because emotional needs are the main drivers of behaviour.
  5. QualBlog (www.qualblog.com) – a blog provided by 20/20 Research, Inc. and written by Jim Bryson. The blog has stories on qualitative techniques, the qualitative research industry, and other items of interest to qualitative researchers.  The site aims to keep one “up to speed” on qualitative happenings and techniques.
  6. Qualitative Research Cafe (http://blogs.ubc.ca/qualresearch) – A blog by Sandra Mathison discussing about interpretive and critical research approaches
  7. The Qualitative Report (http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/) – An online bi-monthly journal dedicated to qualitative research since 1990 maintained by Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D.
  8. Sociological Images (http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/) – The site is designed to encourage all kinds of people to exercise and develop their sociological imagination by presenting brief sociological discussions of compelling and timely imagery that spans the breadth of sociological inquiry.
  9. Karen Lynch & Associates (http://www.karenlynch.com/blog) – A blog by Karen Lynch & Associates. KL&A uses qualitative market research methodologies to: Uncover drivers of consumer perceptions, opinions & behavior, Explore higher end-benefits & deeper barriers-to-use and Provide insight & direction for business decision makers
  10. The Lipstick Economy (http://jamiedunham.wordpress.com) – Jamie Dunham’s blog talks about the buying power of the 108 million adult women in the U.S. that make 85% of all consumer purchases. According to her, these women guide their friends and families into purchasing decisions and create the word of mouth that influences those around them spending approximately $2 trillion dollars annually, making them truly the Lipstick Economy. Not only a blogger, Dunham is also a brand strategist and cultural curator.
  11. Freshminds Research Blog (http://blogs.freshminds.co.uk/research/) – A blog about the views of the Freshminds’ team of research professionals. FreshMinds is a research marketing firm founded back in 2000 and is based in London.
  12. Quester Blog (http://www.quester.com/blog) – A blog by Quester, a company which conducts qualitative research. Quester blogs about updates and issues on qualitative research and companies which conducts the same.
  13. The Insights Guy (http://www.theinsightsguy.com) – Written by John Holcombe, the Insights Guy  is all about understanding what insights are, and how to develop more and better insights from our market (primarily qualitative) research.
  14. The Art of Conversation (http://www.theartofconversation.net) A blog by Kevin McLean is about qualitative research, with a behavioural flavour, focusing on communications.
  15. In the Moment (https://blog.dscout.com) A blog by dscout featuring interviews with thought-leaders and also research-to-research studies.
  16. Over The Shoulder (http://www.overtheshoulder.com/blog/) A blog by Ross McLean is about Smartphone ethnography, Smartphone Qualitative and Mobile Quant Research.

Disclaimer: Please note that Merlien Institute takes no responsibility for information contained on external links from this list. Views expressed by individuals in their blogs, webpages or external sites are not necessarily those of Merlien Institute.

Know of any qualitative research blog you think we should include on this list? Send us the link and a short description of the blog using the comment form below or email to events(at)merlien.org

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