How Millennials and Gen-Z are transforming Qualitative Research

In today’s time, millennials and Gen Z can be seen as the leaders of the digital age. Their product choices and shopping preferences have an enormous impact on the brands. As they have become more potential customers for brands now, it is important to understand their behaviors, lifestyle, shopping patterns and habits for market researchers. Companies need to evolve their market research strategies to analyze and understand these new generations.

Unlike Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z grew up with the latest technology. These new generations don’t know a world without internet, smartphones, and laptops. Be it entertainment or shopping, they like to use their smartphones for all types of activities all day long. They make their buying decisions after reading reviews or watching videos of the product.

Millenials and Gen Z Statistics

For millennials and Gen Z, market research needs to utilize innovative methodologies such as mobile market research, social media research and other advanced qualitative research techniques to gain a better understanding of the attitude and behaviors of both Gen Z and Millennials.

Last year at QUAL360 North AmericaRenee Brandon of Field Agent discussed how Gen Z is forcing companies to make drastic changes to their research methods.

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