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The MRMW North America 2022 conference is back in-person on June 15-16 in Atlanta. As all our speakers are preparing their upcoming presentations, we are picking their brains on the latest trends and developments. This week, we spoke with Gemma Francino, Director of North America Consumer Insights at eBay. Gemma will analyze new ways of using qualitative research as the sense maker in the organisation. In her talk, she will also be implementing tools to successfully apply qualitative analysis.

MRMW: Thanks for joining us Gemma! Firstly, what is the core message of your talk and what would you like delegates to remember?

Gemma: I am giving an exploration into the new ways of conducting and leveraging qualitative insights for faster, better and deeper understanding of consumers.

MRMW: Why did you choose the topic of your talk?

Gemma: In recent years, Big Data has driven much of the innovation in the consumer insights industry. However, organizations are realizing that more data does not necessarily mean better insights. Also, the pandemic has upended consumers lives. Making it even more important for organizations to better understand their new values, aspirations and behaviors. These forces have accelerated the pendulum back to newer, better, more agile ways to conduct and leverage qualitative research.

MRMW: What motivates you to join MRMW NA 2022 and what are your expectations?

Gemma: After a long Covid hiatus when insights professionals could not connect with each other, I’m looking forward to sharing my experience. Above all, learning from the smartest in the industry so I can bring back new inspiration for Consumer Insights at eBay.

MRMW: Last but not least, how do you see the future of MR/Insights? And what woul you want to see?

Gemma: I see many exciting new developments happening. All pointing to better, faster, more agile ways to understand consumers. I foresee better ways to seamlessly blend big data and qualitative, ‘thick data’. I anticipate research that’s more in the moment, the moment of decision, shopping, consumption… as opposed to recall-based research. Research will also be increasingly done when and where consumers want, not when and where we ‘schedule’ them, facilitated by digital and asynchronous methodologies. Although currently in its infancy, I envisage more ways for research to successfully capture the non-stated. Even the non-conscious, via behavioral sciences and immersive techniques. Researchers will have to be master storytellers to be able to communicate insights in ways that have the greatest impact in the organization. Last but not least, I’m excited about seeing easier and more intuitive ways to democratize the access to insights inside organizations.

MRMW: Gemma, thank you very much! We look forward to your presentation at MRMW!

Do you want to hear about the latest innovations, trends, and techniques in market research? Join Gemma Francino and speakers from Microsoft, Warner MediaCoca-ColaTwitter, PepsiCo, Meta, WhatsappGoogleVisa and many more top-of-the-line companies at MRMW North America 2022.

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