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Creating transformative experiences through continuous user engagement across the entire product life-cycle.

Ipsos assists clients in developing transformative user experiences (UX) that span the entire product life-cycle, keeping users at the core of the design process. In an environment of rapid change, marked by shifting user views and technological advancements, businesses strive to keep pace. Sweeping transformations are taking place within organizations, with an emphasis on integrating UX and design thinking, and placing a premium on user-centric designs.

A team of multidisciplinary experts

Our team supports in the creation of a wide variety of experiences. These range from e-commerce, fin-tech, and social platforms, to enterprise tools, medical devices, and mobility solutions. We offer guidance throughout the entire product life-cycle, beginning with exploratory research and ideation, and extending to design, testing, launch, and refinement.

Any part of the product lifecycle

Discovery phase

Our skilled researchers and designers conduct early exploratory research to help better understand your users and provide strategic direction for your product or service design.

Ideation stage

Here we work in collaboration with you to generate ideas that align with your business objectives, design constraints, and user requirements. We specialize in concise, content-packed ideation workshops, where our insights inform ideas for product creation and improvement, and align stakeholders in a data-driven, unified design.

Design phase

Our experts creating low- and high-fidelity mock-ups and functional prototypes optimized for research objectives. Rapid prototyping and testing provide task-based performance data to inform continuous refinement of product designs.


A crucial step to inform product improvements based on observed behaviors, involves outlining and conducting a detailed research plan for both formative and summative (validation) testing. Our data-driven process tests users early and often to understand their needs through research.

We provide valuable insights around the launch of your product to help refine and improve the user experience. Quick testing and A/B testing can help find flaws before they become user drop-off points, while design patterns and templates ensure a consistent experience across new features and products.

Refinement phase

Once your product hits the market, during the we assist you in closing the loop with your users by providing direct feedback on what’s working and what could be improved. We help you pinpoint the issues and come up with solutions so you can focus on your next great product idea.

Anywhere in the world

In addition to the product life-cycle, we also provide UX reach globally, ensuring localized experiences through our network of UX expert partners. We have labs in 12 key markets across the globe, delivering consistent quality. Whether you test in China or Germany, the UK or the US, you can trust that all aspects of test logistics will be high quality and will not interrupt the integrity of the data or project. We also have the largest studio in North America, capable of managing 10 simultaneous test sessions.

Our Medical Human Factors & User Experience group, ISO 9001:2015 certified, specializes in the medical devices and healthcare space, covering the full range of the product development life-cycle. This includes early-stage research and insights to inform the engineering team, through summative usability testing and post-market analysis. The team excels at keeping users close to the creative process and replicating realistic usage environments, both in-person and remote, to evaluate concepts as they evolve.


About Ipsos

Ipsos is one of the largest market and opinion research companies in the world with more than 20,000 employees and a strong presence in 90 countries. Founded in Paris in 1975, Ipsos is still managed by researchers today.

In Germany, Ipsos has over 500 employees at five locations: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Nuremberg.

Our research professionals, analysts and scientists have built unique multi-specialist capabilities that provide powerful insights into actions, opinions and motivations and thus provides a true understanding of society, markets and people. We have combined the wide range of our solutions into 13 service lines and are supporting over 5,000 clients worldwide. |


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