small data, big data and thick data in qualitative research

Bridging the gaps with small data, big data and thick data in qualitative research

There is an ongoing debate about the big-small-thick data.  However, the question to ask is, “Does the size of your data set really matter”?  Or all you wanted to generate in the first place is good data?  Christopher Hooton, Chief Economist & Head of Research at the Internet Association.  In his talk on, “Small data, big data, thick data – Connecting the dots” at QUAL360 NORTH AMERICA 2019, qualitative methods applied to new datasets opened by technology are providing critical insights. 

Christopher will be sharing on how advances in technology is opening up a new wave of tools for conducting qualitative research. He felt that there are a lot of misperceptions about new, heavyweight quantitative research methods and what they can achieve and not enough researchers realize the wealth of qualitative research avenues that have also opened up at the same time. 

Christopher was motivated to join QUAL360 NORTH AMERICA 2019 because he finds interdisciplinary insights to be immensely valuable.  While he resides in a more quantitative field, the insights of qualitative research are just as important.  

He also feels that qualitative research has huge potential right now, but researchers must know where to look. Also, researchers do not necessarily need to run quantitative research, but need to understand the technical aspects underlying new quantitative methods and the technology enabling them.  For Christopher, it’s all about context. Qualitative researchers are well-positioned to understand and provide crucial context to others.

Join Christopher and other key speakers from leading global and regional brands as well as well-known agencies such as Expedia, Bank of America, Pinterest, The J.M. Smucker Company, Udemy, Hanes Brands, Turner, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and many more to deep dive into newer methods that are driving the future of qualitative research.



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