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“Discover Why” B2B Qualitative Should Be Outsourced

DIY is very popular in market research and has proven that it has a place in the MR toolbox. And yes, DIY can be an appropriate approach for both qualitative and quantitative projects. However, it is not a universal solution.

B2B qualitative research

is dramatically different from quantitative B2B, and especially from B2C. Qualitative B2B respondents are primarily difficult to recruit because of the limited availability of high-level respondents. Additionally, paying incentives based on respondents’ professional time rather than their personal time adds to the overall cost of the project. For these reasons, getting the best quality respondents and data available may be a challenge.

A strong B2B qualitative research partner can help you save time and money by vetting relationships with other recruiting resources. We all know it is challenging to stay up-to-date with MR technology, and you may not have the time to invest in becoming an expert on all features and benefits they empower. A strong B2B qualitative partner has already done that for you.

Most importantly, an outsourced B2B qualitative research partner brings a fresh perspective to your project. Having completed many diverse B2B qualitative campaigns, giving a unique POV to the project, which might not have otherwise been identified. Additionally, instead of being mired in the details of B2B qual logistics, a B2B qual partner gives you flexibility to focus on the insights and the deliverables where you make the most impact.

Benefits Of Outsourcing B2B Qual

A strong B2B qualitative research partner delivers benefits from the very start of the project. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. An Independent Perspective. An outsourced B2B partner is completely objective and independent. Corporate politics do not influence them, and they aren’t persuaded by “But we’ve always done it this way.” They won’t just answer the question (especially the ones to which you think you already know the answers!). Instead, this independence and objectivity empower them to deliver new insights about your industry and market.
  2. Better Recruiting. Experts in B2B recruiting with an abundance of dedicated recruiting resources make it easier to recruit qualified and validated B2B respondents quickly and efficiently.
  3. Technology/Platforms. The global pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual qualitative technologies for B2B. The number of virtual research platforms grows daily. They go beyond Zoom, Webex, and Skype to facilitate virtual qualitative with numerous attractive features tailored to different research settings. Becoming an expert in – and paying for – the best platforms can be burdensome. After all, you have a day job. You don’t have to be an expert in this technology if you work with an outsourced B2B qualitative partner. Let your partner identify the best platform for your project. As an added incentive, you share the cost of the platform with all of your partner’s clients, saving you money.
  4. Time-Saving. Working with an outsourced B2B qualitative partner saves you time. Throughout the project, they will complete the tasks faster because they have the experienced people and resources they need. There is no learning curve. Leverage your partner’s team and resources with your industry and organizational knowledge to produce the best possible deliverables.
  5. Prepare for Follow-Up. An outsourced B2B qualitative partner is more qualified to assist you in identifying what insights and findings to leverage in the next project, whether it is more qualitative or quantitative research. When they complete the next phase, it creates a smoother transition and better research experience.


Using a B2B Qual Partner will help you achieve your research objectives with higher-value information. The impact of a new perspective can lead to new target markets, refined messaging, and product development ideas that can unlock new revenue sources.

Ovation MR is a one-stop shop for recruiting, moderating, analysis, reporting, and your best choice for a B2B qualitative partner. Let’s “Discover Why” together.

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