5 interesting facts about mobile phones

Mobile phones are so powerful they could send a rocket into space, well sort of. This is just one of the five interesting facts included in our latest animation about mobile phones. The mobile phone now has more computing power than when NASA put the first man on the moon in 1969.

Watch this video to see our five interesting facts about the mobile phone brought to life through animation:

We focus on the growth of mobile phones over the past 20 years, rising from just 1% of the globe owning a device to there now being more mobile phones than toothbrushes and toilets in the world.

The number one selling mobile phone of all time is the Nokia 1100, which has sold a whopping 250M units since its launch in 2003. Some of the popular features on this handset included the Snake II and Space Impact+ games; the capacity to hold 50 text messages and interchangeable covers.

Mobile phones have come along way since the basic Nokia 1100, with the latest handsets featuring full colour touch screen technology, built in cameras, the internet and even iris scanning and facial recognition.

The way we use our phones has also changed dramatically, with the need for the 50 text message capacity of the Nokia 1100 nearly a thing of the past as millennial now prefer web-based messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

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