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One of our most anticipated virtual events, the MRMW Virtual Summit 2022 will be gathering researchers from across Europe and Asia Pacific on July 6-7. Speakers from global brands will share the latest trends and developments with the market research community. In preparation for the event, we had the chance to interview Sebastian Syperek, Head of CX & UX Research, Kaiser-X Labs at Allianz on his topic presentation ‘The World needs a Crypto Consumer Barometer tracking’. Join him to discuss the understanding of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and more.

MRMW Virtual: What is the core message of your talk and what would you like our delegates to remember?

Sebastian: The core message of our Crypto Consumer Barometer, which we initially conducted in Germany, is that crypto has already arrived in society more than some might believe.

MRMW Virtual: Secondly, why did you choose the topic of your talk?

Sebastian: Crypto is much more than buying and selling cryptocurrencies. There are many new exciting concepts developing in this area, e.g. decentralized finance or NFTs. We found it very interesting to analyze to what extent these are already familiar to the “normal population”. And who might even be using one or the other of them themselves. By segmenting the online population on the basis of relevant attitudes, we also have the opportunity to conduct potential analyses for the further development of crypto usage.

MRMW Virtual: What motivates you to join MRMW Virtual Summit and what are your expectations?

Sebastian: On the one hand, as a market and UX researcher, I am always interested in exciting methodological developments. In my experience, it is always worthwhile not to limit oneself to the local market. But to consciously look for innovations globally. On the other hand, there are many exciting topics on the agenda that are related to my talk from the crypto area – for example, discussions around the Metaverse.

MRMW Virtual: We believe your talk will be an eye-opener and a great introduction to the world of Web3.0 and crypto. Will Web3.0 have a big impact on consumer trends in the next few years?

Sebastian: In my view, the development will not progress as quickly as some are currently forecasting. Nevertheless, there will be a convergence of the analog and digital worlds / metaverse, especially in the consumer goods sector. Manufacturers will combine physical goods with digital assets based on blockchain technology, creating entirely new types of added value for the end customer. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are an integral part of this.

MRMW Virtual: As a Principal of UX & CX Research, how do you view the convergence of Market Research, CX & UX?

Sebastian: Customer Experience and its “sub-discipline” User Experience are the decisive prerequisites for companies of the 21st century to be able to differentiate themselves in front of customers. Market research will always play a major role in this process. In order to be able to work out the underlying customer insights. In my view, however, market research per se is always only a means to an end. The ultimate goal is to design the customer experience in the best possible way.

MRMW Virtual: What are your thoughts on the future of Market Research & Insights?

Sebastian: Everything is becoming more and more data-driven. AI will take over more and more components of our daily lives over time. Understanding people and the psychology behind it plays a more important role than ever. So I am very positive about the future for our industry.

Do you want to hear about the latest innovations, trends, and techniques in market research? Join Sebastian Syperek alongside speakers from GoogleTikTokReckittLEGOMicrosoftHPMondelezDanoneHSBCLinkedinMars WrigleyGojek and many more top-of-the-line companies at MRMW Virtual Summit 2022.

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