Turning organizations into insight-driven firms with Augmented Intelligence

“AI is created by humans to amplify human skills, not to replace them,” says Tanmay Bakshi, the youngest software developer and coder in the world.

Augmented Intelligence, on the other hand, is a technology that builds on artificial intelligence by enhancing human input and knowledge to address some of the biggest challenges the world is facing and to help turn organizations into insights-driven firms.

Sandipa Dublish, Senior Director Commercial Insights at Celgene thinks that “Artificial Intelligence is in a nascent stage at present and may remain so in the near future. However, the power of machine learning can greatly amplify human intelligence.  This synthesis of man and machine will reshape the insights function.  Augmented Intelligence holds much promise for transforming data generation; data integration; data modeling; and delivering insights.”

Sandipa will be presenting on, “Augmented Intelligence – Convergence of Human, Collective, and Artificial Intelligence” at the MRMW North America 2019 because she feels that in the Age of the Customer, it is imperative that organizations continue to be data-driven and to gather data from consumers to create personalized strategies that can adapt to the specific needs of different targets.  For this to happen, organizations must also look into the current set-up of their Insights function as well as the skill sets needed in the future.

We asked Sandipa a final question before concluding the interview, “How must researchers/content creators prepare and innovate for the future?” to which she replied, “It starts with first gaining a good understanding of developments in AI and their potential applications to our field.  In a rapidly evolving field – the best way to prepare is to engage and interact with peers/experts who are experimenting with these innovations.”

2019 and beyond will see the rise of Augmented Intelligence, which will have a profound and tangible impact on any organization. Given AI’s wide range of application and the variety of ways it can be utilized within an organization, it needs to be embraced by businesses and brands starting today.

Stay ahead of the game by learning and networking with Sandipa as well as world-class speakers from Procter & Gamble, PayPal, BMW, Foursquare, Facebook, Turner, Intuit, Eastman Chemical Company, Royal Caribbean International and many more!



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