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Discussing Responsible AI at Insight Extravaganza 2023

AI is huge – and with the rise of ChatGPT, Bard and the likes, the momentum of AI has increased again. With it also comes the question of responsible AI. The market research industry is, and will continue to be, impacted by this as well. New tools and technologies are being developed at rapid speed and market research professionals are faced with the challenge of finding a balance between the adaptation of AI and being responsible towards respondents as well as stakeholders. This challenge leads to not only regulatory but also ethical questions.

An important question and discussion is now developing around Responsible AI. So how AI systems are being created, developed and used. At Insight Extravaganza we will discuss this topic in a leading-edge panel featuring amongst others Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Director, UX Research and Responsible AI Education, Aether at Microsoft. We caught up with Mihaela ahead of the virtual conference to ask her about her thoughts around responsible AI.

IE2023: Without giving too much away – what is the core message of your talk and what would you like delegates to remember?

Mihaela: That Responsible AI is a socio-technical problem. It is not only a technical problem with technical solutions. It is about mitigating harms to people and society, and as such, it requires deep collaboration with experts in people and society.

IE2023: What motivates you to join the Insight Extravaganza conference and what are your expectations?

Mihaela: The pace of AI innovation, coupled with AI’s proximity to human intelligence make it important to think about impacts of AI on people and society. Responsible AI is to some extent new for everyone, and ever-evolving. There is a lot of complexity, and a lot to learn.

IE2023: What are 2 easy things that our delegates can do today to incorporate a responsible approach to AI in their work?

Mihaela: I am not sure about easy, but at the minimum I would recommend:

  • Have a panel to debate the building and deployment of AI for high-risk uses cases. Use cases that not only pose legal risk for your company, but also risk to people and society. Gather experts in RAI, policy, in the subject-matter at hand and invite them to discuss applications of AI that bear risk of harm to physical or emotional safety, allocation of resources, free and civil society. Decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks; whether AI is fit for this purpose; and if you decide to build, what mitigations should be put in place
  • Prioritize and invest resources in RAI.
IE2023: What additional resources and/or further reading would you suggest for delegates looking to further understand RAI?

Mihaela: Microsoft has many RAI resources available at Specifically, I would recommend:

IE2023: Apart from work, what should delegates talk to you about at Insight Extravaganza – do you have any particular personal interests, hobbies or extracurricular activities and engagements?

Mihaela: Yoga and cats!

IE2023: Thank you Mihaela, we look forward to hearing more from you at the virtual Insight Extravaganza 2023!

“The business impact of responsible AI” panel discussion will take place on July 13th during the Insight Extravaganza 2023 virtual conference. Besides Mihaela Vorvoreanu it will also feature Alexandra Ebert, Chief Trust Officer for Mostly AI and Daniel Schiff,  Responsible AI Lead at JP Morgan Chase. It will be moderated by Merlien’s advisory board member Massimo Cealti, Founding Partner of Altitude C. Visit for more details on the conference agenda and to book your ticket.

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